We are to be Consecrated…set apart for the glory of His Kingdom…set apart as Holy before Him.  We are to be consecrated in order for His Son to be seen and to work through us; to live freely in us; to be glorified through our lives.  We are His body.

May He be worshiped in and through our lives.  May He live freely in our lives, uninhibited by the sin in our hearts.  Freely confessed, released and repented of, He begins to work, and LIVE so freely in our lives.  And we begin to glorify HIM in this way…we are His workmanship…His body…slaves to righteousness…working for His glory and Kingdom.  He is so worthy of our loyalty and faithfulness…He is so good to entrust ourselves to.

Trusting in this, we begin to allow Him to live in our temples, manifesting His goodness and Holiness…serving the world around us…bringing other beautiful souls into His kingdom.  It is our honor…our entire reason for living…it is our eternal purpose…one in which we get to reflect on in eternity…for all time.  May we make it count!  Let us be FAITHFUL.

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