Beautiful Healing

I am always amazed at the Lord as the Great Healer.  He heals so often, with so much grace, and so many times unbeknownst to us.  The other night, as we went on a family trip and were staying in a hotel…Hannah spontaneously started to get a fever at night and her voice went raspy, then she started coughing….and soon struggled to breath.  I was so thankful to have my calm, steady husband at my side, counseling me.  I was ready to fly to the ER.  We prayed…and waited just a bit…her breathing calmed…the Lord gave us a peace…and I kept her by my side the whole night.  The whole next day, she did so well…the whole trip back, she was amazing!  We saw that God gave this to us as a gift…when we got home, the next morning, she got worse again (minus the breathing problems).  It showed me just how wonderful a gift that was to us while we were on our trip.  Most of today she has been sleeping, her body catching up on rest and allowing itself to heal.  God has such incredible timing.  His gifts are so continuous and great, so many of which we would miss if we are not very still and quiet.

My body is tired…it has been several days since I have had a good rest…but don’t you love how God gives strength when we aren’t able to sleep and promise of sleep when we need it most?  I am resting in that.  He has proven it to me over and over.  He will renew my strength and give me rest in Him today.

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