He has called us out of Darkness..

He has called us out of darkness into the light SO THAT we might declare the praises of HIM!!!

Oftentimes, here it is hard to see the darkness inside people…there is so much to hide behind…but it is there.  Darkness is not having different areas of our lives exposed to the light…living in wrong attitudes…having unrenewed, carnal minds, having hard hearts…closed to God.  In some societies, the darkness is so readily apparent…the physical manifestation is obvious…the sickness, the suffering–there is nothing to hide behind.  But, the darkness is the same in both situations—the empty feeling inside…the feeling of being a slave to sin….not knowing the power of Christ…not knowing God’s truth that brings freedom…not knowing God’s love that covers all…not knowing His salvation….or not knowing it in different areas of our hearts that are still untouched by God.

Some of us know what it is like to be called out of darkness…we REMEMBER…it is so painful to think back..but also creates within us such a deep and grateful love of Christ, some of us have always or often walked in the light and have never known or cannot remember.  Some of us are still walking in darkness in certain areas of our lives.  I want to walk in the light in every area of my life…I literally feel God reaching me out of darkness on days where I struggle to walk into the light.  As I seek Him, as I obey, He reaches down once again to lift me out of darkness.  And I remember why.  So I might declare the praises of HIM!  My God and My Saviour.  His saving grace never ends.

I am learning to walk in the light.  I am learning to bring each thought captive to Christ.  He is creating in me a new mind…a new body.  And it is glorious because it reflects Him.  As I walk forward, I feel my steps firmly planted in Him…more and more.  It feels wonderful to walk in the light…to cast all aside that hinders, and to run with perseverance the race He has set out before me…to win the prize of His pleasure.  This is everything to me.

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