Grace and Mercy…Jesus is My Soul Anchor.

my fellow sojourners on this road right now….we are in this together!
my fellow sojourners on this road right now….we are in this together!

This is what the month of January has been for us….Learning to live in His Grace and Mercy.  Learning what it feels like to the soul…to feel his Mercy falling down on us like rain.  Breathing His Grace in….Breathing His Grace out.


We are coming to KNOW Him More….We are learning to Grow in Grace.

It is amazing to feel in our hearts what we can read and know with our minds of God’s word….the relationship is so real…so intimate….

I have learned that His Wisdom is Supreme in planning…that we are not wise enough to plan the future…we can plan only what we know…what we can imagine…but what falls through His Hands is allowed…through His Supreme Knowledge and Wisdom all things beautifully fall into place…this leads me to a place of TRUST.  The more I know HIM…the more I am able to surrender and trust.

I am learning about PRAYER…God is answering prayers of mercy the most right now…there is no power in my words…but there is power in the Spirit of God.

I am learning that it is not about the strength of my faith…but the object of my faith that is defining…and supreme.

I am learning about STRENGTH.  GOD is SO strong FOR me…I need not concern myself with how strong I am…only that I believe Himself to be strong for me.

I have loved this month.  Really it has been hard…beginning SAMS, broken bones, sleepless nights and screaming days of teething and separation anxiety–a 6 month old who is ready to move…but can’t quite yet….but at the end of it now…I feel as though God is making our hearts STRONGER for Him…and teaching us to learn to live by grace and mercy….and to learn to abide.

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