Road to Prayer

Simple expression of an indescribable relationship…(side note, aren't my husband's hands so beautiful?!)
Simple expression of an indescribable relationship…(side note, aren’t my husband’s hands so beautiful?!)

This is my road to Prayer ~

I’m excited about this ministry God has given me…to pray for others.  It is something we are all called to do.  I love that.  I have been reflecting on my road to Prayer Coordinator in PWOC, all the things God has shown and taught me–  Here are a few 🙂

* God is so merciful to hear and answer our prayers…no matter what the situation…He desires relationship…

* Everyone prays in their own unique way according to their own unique design.

* As prayer coordinator, I am: Clothed in His Robe, Walking in His Authority, and with His Vision Poured into me.

* This is a large, rich and experienced body of believing women…but God IS ABLE and He will guide me.  I will be walking with so many wonderful women of God in this ministry. I shall raise my hands up, like Moses, and the Prayer Vine shall hold them up for me.  I am to pray from my calling as prayer coordinator, and based off the Lord’s relationship with me.

* To pray with a thankful, not heavy heart…for all the things He hath already done!

* Pushing back Darkness…often, in my days, I feel as though I am pushing back darkness through prayer and obedience to Christ…I am praying, I am following, and God is pushing the darkness back.  I am weary….often actually…but He keeps me going.

* Ask, Seek, Knock–God keeps telling me I have not, because I ask not.  And when I ask, boldly, according to His heart, HE never ceases to AMAZE me.

* Preparing My Face–I felt the past month, God preparing my me to Seek His Face.  He showed me John Wesley’s book, How to Pray, and it has been instrumental in teaching me about prayer.

* I am learning more about God’s grace and MERCY than anything else….most often, I find answers to prayers for Mercy.

* To be transparent…I am struggling to keep in continual prayer…as I see His power and glorious answers to prayer, the enemy attacks…it is a FIGHT to stay connected…to WANT to pray….I see Him give me more prayer requests that need prayer immediately…I see Him move my heart to pray once again.  I feel the burden…the responsibility to pray…I MUST pray.  I MUST stay connected.  Lord, Help me be worthy of this position…this calling to pray.

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