We’ve gotten lots of snow lately!  We’ve loved it….the snow angels, the snowmen, the forts, the caves, the snow cream 🙂

It has reminded us to SLOW DOWN…as school was cancelled 3 days in a row…really everything was cancelled most of the week…we had to slow down and enjoy the beauty…and sovereignty of God.

It has been a busy few weeks…with Hannah home now, I’ve loved this time with her…but I am more busy than before.  I’m learning how to enter God’s rest…in the business of my days.  I loved the time alone with Emma in the mornings before, but as Emma reached 6 months, we sensed the time was right to bring Hannah back home.

I’ve learned to appreciate my Noah…my husband, who is a man of peace and romance.  I loved seeing a movie on Noah the other day…and to see the story in a different light…a story of romance—where the woman stands by the crazy man and gets to enjoy the adventure with him…and to see God’s plan unfold.

I hear God calling me to lay down my life for my sheep more…to consistently lead and teach and love and lay my life down.

I am seeing more of God as my deliverer and restorer lately.  I love getting to understand different aspects of Him…to see it…and feel it.  I am so thankful for an awesome God who allows…and delights in revealing Himself…all throughout creation…it’s a beautiful reflection of Him…if my eyes are opened and able to see.

Brian’s prayer lately for SAMS is that all the things he’s learning be for a PURPOSE.  Let it not be in vain!!!

This HAS been a more joyful winter than last…and soon, it’ll be almost over.  We started our indoor garden yesterday…the kids and I loved doing it…we took a sweet potato and celery and cut them and put them into water to see sprouts grow…really we cannot wait for the real deal!

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