Awesome Homemaker!!!

I am not entirely sure I should write this…but when I say it to him, he never seems to mind 🙂  And I really want to brag on him a bit here!

Ok, my husband is a really wonderful homemaker!  I know he learned much of it from his mom…and I am so thankful for that.  He likes to cook, clean, go grocery shopping, even does laundry, and likes to make things beautiful too.  He always makes dinner look so nice and appetizing!!  He is growing in his ability to multi-task 🙂 , and is such a compliment to me in homemaking.  I like talking things over with him, doing things together, and knowing if I am not well, he’ll be able to manage on his own.  I really feel like we make a good team….as strong as an Oak Tree.

He serves so much….I think with SAMS, finishing up his masters’  degree, ways God has us serving the community, and 3 littles now–7 months, 3, and 5, we are learning to continually serve together…to pour out.  Our bodies are weary many days right now, but God keeps us refreshed and encouraged.  I am learning that I can labor quite a bit from the love that God pours into me…it is the LOVE that fuels the labor.

I am learning to keep a scheduled home and the peace that this brings…on days when the schedule works out 😉

We are seeking to grow in our relationships…to know more about how to LOVE.

I am seeing as I pray for certain qualities that I long to grow in…God provides the opportunity for me to display it.  And as I display, slowly, it becomes a habit to respond a certain way.

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