Count your blessings…

Digging up Dirt in my Soul!  God brings beauty from ashes…and DIRT….lots of it!  And not to mention a new asphalt parking spot :)
Digging up Dirt in my Soul! God brings beauty from ashes…and DIRT….lots of it! And not to mention a new asphalt parking spot 🙂

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever!!!

This past week was really a doozy for us…we had no water for a week and our lives were very interrupted in several different ways…one day I was out at the park with Lewis, Hannah, and Emma enjoying the most BEAUTIFUL weather we’ve had in months….right after quite a substantial snowfall!  It was a sweet day of HOPE really for all of us as we watched the snow melt before our eyes…hope for spring to come.

My sweet neighbors all of a sudden surrounded me….I should have known something was coming!  They sweetly offered to help watch my kids, while I went to move our car from our parking spot. Two of my neighbors had mentioned a leak into their basement a few days before. One presently said she couldn’t use her water and their family was planning to go to a hotel until the situation was resolved.  I sympathized thinking how disruptive that would be!  Then, I went to move my car and saw a few men out in my side yard with a shovel.  “Ok, I thought. A shovel. This is manageable.”  A few hours later, a bulldozer came…and I was told my water was off too and that, not to worry, the water would probably be on at midnight again.  The kids and I delighted in watching a bulldozer work right in our very own yard!!!

Later that night, they mentioned, “probably 4 am.”  The next day, they told me the next day.  And that I could not bring my kids that way again.  I parked on the side of the road…which is not too far from my house…wondering when the water would be on.  We decided to ride it out in our house….the next day, they told us the problem was much worse than they thought and it would be a few days before the water would be available…we decided to run to the gym a few days later and take showers…me still not too excited about the thought of 3 kids under 5 in a hotel at night….which turned out to not be the best decision on my part…

Lewis, Emma and I took a reprieve to Legoland yesterday…an anticipated gift to a boy who had been AMAZING all week!!!…it was a sweet, sweet day out of our stinky house with my boy and Mellow Yellow 🙂 baby and then we came back to find we could use our water again!!!  After a week…really two (it’s not the bulldozer’s fault!)…of disastrous nap schedules…and our kind and really quite helpful maintenance men ringing the bell…although I have to say a tad bit obnoxiously…there really was no hope of rest in my household.  I tried so hard to spend time with the Lord…even just a few minutes…but my efforts failed each time.  Now that our water is back on, our house caught up, and I feel refreshed, I see how desperate my heart is for the Lord.

Last night, I sang “Count your blessings” to the kids…running water, maintenance men to fix everything, clean laundry, clean dishes, clean toilets, and showers were definitely on our list of blessings!  We feel so thankful today for all of these things.  Little things we take for granted…but that make such a difference to our days.  I have to say I was quite a bit grumpy last week and my eyes are now OPENED to all the ways we are learning together.  We are so thankful to the Lord for opening our eyes and showing us all the ways we need to grow.

I am hoping to be MORE thankful for the little things…to humble myself and let the Lord exalt, to have a heart for the weak, to be a better friend, to communicate better and more lovingly when my world is in disarray.  Because, really, HE is unchanging.  He is constant.  He is mighty.

I am learning how to respond to my little 3.  She was SUCH a challenge for me last week…the battles are constant.  I never quite know what to expect each morning when she wakes up…am I getting “Harpoon Hannah”, “Hollywood Hannah”, or “Hugs Hannah?”  I think I’ll take anything but “Harpoon Hannah.”  She is a firecracker and is more determined than wise.  Needless to say, God is helping me get creative in helping her obey and helping me choose battles…even if I have to occasionally swoop her over “just like this,” like a princess, so she can pick up her dolly on the floor “just like that”…and choose the bigger battles.

I was reminded of the love languages that speak the most to my kids..and tried to be deliberate about blessing them in these ways, particularly during a tough week.

He is my strength and song, He is my salvation!

I FEEL this in my heart right now…HIS strength…He is my song tonight and my rescuer…my salvation.  It turns out, from what my husband was telling me last night, that there was a hole in the sewage pipe next to our house…it had been broken for 20 years from a mishap that happened 20 years ago and raw sewage had been leaking for this amount of time…apparently, there was a big sink hole under my parking spot from the amount of sewage…

All I can think about tonight is what the Lord might have saved us from…and how hard it would have been for us if we would have had to fix something like this ourselves….


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