His Story.

I’ve been reading sermons lately by Nick Lillo from Waterstone church in Littleton, Colorado about the Creation (Awe), Fall, Rescue, and Restoration.  It has been so pertinent to me to learn how God created things to be…how the Fall messed that all up, how we continue to fall…we have a curvature of the soul…that we are simply born with…and how Christ rescues us.  I haven’t gotten to the restoration part yet.

As I was reading about God’s wrath…it took me to a place in my past…at West Point…where it seemed that every little thing I did wrong…I got caught for and got in big trouble…I was contemplating this…and realized that I know more of God’s grace now…and have a more obedient heart because I came in contact with God’s wrath during this period of time as well as some experiences I had in the Army.  It was a cycle of experiencing God’s wrath, followed by His grace…to a point where I knew to respond to the quiet voice…and knew more the beauty of God’s grace.  I am so thankful for this time and the place I am in now with God.

I LOVE the intimacy of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  When the world is hard or cold, Jesus is always there…always working on my behalf, always attuned to my thoughts, my emotions, my past, my present, my future.  It never ceases to amaze me that I can be in a relationship with God.  Thanks be to Christ.  And this relationship is so profound.  So intimate.  So real.  As I read this sermon though, I felt as if God was telling me that I was focused on Him as a part of my story…which He most certainly is…but that the bigger picture is that I am meant to be a part of His story…the story of His great plan for redemption.  He loves me so intimately, yes, but at some point, this love should drive me to a deeper place with Christ…where I am ready to face hardship, persecution, pain…in order to be a part of His Story.  I am being transparent here…but this is HARD for me…so much of me longs to stay in a place of perfect love, protection…safety…intimacy.  It’s hard to step out of that.

I keep hearing a song playing on the radio lately…my theme song right now…”I am Yours…You are Mine.”  I know this love roots me that i may endure for Him.

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