I am thrilled…no exhilarated…IN AWE of God’s grace and provision.  Oh, these moments are so great….they connect me to the most wonderful characteristics of God in such a deep way that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t live the sort of crazy nomadic life we live 🙂

Brian came home two nights ago…he stared at me, in DISBELIEF….”Dawn,” he said, “not only do we JUST have to clean the fridge and microwave and bathrooms, but we will have a FULL move…a carpeted house (so nice for Emmy’s sweet first steps!!), a newly built home (hopefully, not too many maintenance issues and perhaps cleaner air), neighbors with EXACTLY the same aged kids!!, a 4 bedroom house (the housing gentleman originally prepared me for a 3 bedroom home from our current 4 bedroom home), a garage, and a backyard!!!”  I began to chuckle earlier that morning, as I prepared to move not knowing when we needed to move out, and was quite relieved in the evening, when Brian reassured me: WE HAVE 2 WEEKS.  Thankfully, I had only removed the pictures off the walls 🙂

2 weeks is plenty when you think you might be moving in a few days! 🙂

Oh Lord, you are my song, my rescue and most wonderful provider!  You never cease to amaze me.  You are so beautiful to me, in each situation we walk through in this life.  You are there.  You are always there.

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