RUN your heart out!!

My last entry was written in the spring, but published in the summer!  Yikes, computer problems have kept me from writing and publishing in the moments when I have had time…but persistence always wins, doesn’t it?!

THIS YEAR I feel CALLED and FREE to RUUUNNN!!!  Yeah! I love to run and am excited to embark on a life-long dream of running a marathon.  Right now, I have to press through sickness (Does it ever subside with littles in the home? They have the most powerful bugs!!) and pain to get back into tip top shape, but I keep thinking about how great it will feel to feel STRONG, get faster, and to be outdoors.  Right now I am cross training-swim, running, biking, and shifting days of lifting weights to get into good shape and then I will focus on long distance to increase my endurance mixed with sprinting days to increase my speed.

I am thankful for a husband who supports me, enables me, and encourages me in accomplishing my dreams. I couldn’t do it without him.

I am thankful for a God who always believes in my potential and beckons me to greater FAITH and provides the WAY to accomplish my goals.

My hope in running this marathon is to run for HIM.  I want to dedicate this marathon to all of those children who have no parents.  My heart is for the orphan…I also want to run this race for persecuted Christians.  And lastly, for those in PAIN-spiritual, physical, any kind of pain.  I pray families open their hearts and homes to adopt orphans, I pray for orphanages to be places of refuge, security, love, and safety for the children. I pray for HEALING and TRUTH for those who are persecuted in their faith and also those who are hurting physically.  I pray for our country as we go into elections that we would return to Him and call upon the Lord to save those who are lost and searching in our land. I pray for leaders to lead well.

My  runs are to be a time of freedom, reflection, prayer, and confidence in the Lord.

~ Here’s to 26 miles and many more in training of a lot of PRAYER.  I cannot wait to see the journey these runs will take me with the Lord ~






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