Tonight I am thankful for a clean home, thankful for incredible neighbors.  It makes me joyful to know that God has surprises laid out for us that we do not know about.  Flowers, gifts, incredible gifts…I think and hope my children realize how extravagant their God is in His love.  It is just who He is.

As the year is closing in, in just one more day, I am thankful for a much better year…a year with a dream fulfilled and one in the making.  The fact that I can even manage to accomplish or work at accomplishing these dreams is nothing short of God’s grace and mercy to me.  I am feeling good about last year.  But, I think, this next year will be even better.  Each year is getting slightly better and thank God for that.

I am thankful tonight that I can think!  I can remember things, I can process things normally 🙂  I am thankful to work on projects.  I am thankful as I look ahead to the year coming, that I will be financially stable…maybe not thriving, but stable and without debt.  I know just what we will use each month and how much is coming in.  That is a wonderful thing in this day and age and something to care about and continue to work towards.  It is very important to me.

Hallelujah.  God not only meets our every need and more, but He surely is something to be praised.  His ways, His being, His creation, His love for us.  Hallelujah.

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