I loved this beautiful video I just watched from Priscilla Shirer….on the subject of deception.  I have always thought that women can be, at times, deceived, but sometimes, when men are following “their hearts” or emotions, without comparing them with the absolute truths of God, they are also deceived.

I love the Word of God because it is truth and my soul longs and hungers and thirsts for truth in a world that is so devoid of it.  God’s Word fills me up in such a deep and fulfilling way and I know why….because He made me in such a way that only His Word could satisfy me.

LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING, BUT IN ALL THINGS ACKNOWLEDGE THE LORD, AND HE WILL MAKE YOUR PATHS STRAIGHT.  No matter how many experiences I have, no matter how perceptive an eye He gives me, I must turn to the Word for continual guidance because it only matters what God says.  There are two opinions, God’s opinion and everyone else’s and God is always right!  This is my goal this week, to read more and more of God’s Word.  Oh how I love it.

I love that Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer and many other Christian women LOVE the word of God and I love seeing their passion for what my heart is also passionate about.

I miss my neighborhood of PWOC ladies that I have grown up with since my son, Lewis was born.  I hope one day that I can live a life like that again, according to God’s grace and mercy.  I know He has good plans for the kids and I, but oh, I loved the life of sharing the love of God’s Word to my military wife sisters.  We walked each other through life and shared in each other’s trials and joys and we just totally understood one another.  I miss the opportunity I had to be there for them…especially when they lived right next to me.

But, God has me here and now and in this place for a reason and I thank Him for it.  Let me live this life as passionately as I would any other.  Let me live this life knowing God has an amazing plan for me, and HE KNOWS THE PLAN!  Yeah, I love that part of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU,”  and He goes on to say “to prosper you and not harm you”  and oh joy, “to give you a hope and a future.”  Yeah!  This verse is mine tonight.  This verse I cling to.  This verse I believe.  It is hard to wait, but right now, God is sustaining, God is healing, God is moving puzzle pieces around and teaching me so much.  I know He has good plans and although it PAINS me to not know them myself (I wish you could understand how God created me to be a planner from the time I was so young), but I TRUST in God that He knows them and He is the perfect planner.  Yes He is.

I praise you Lord for you are the ultimate planner.  Your plans are so intricate.  So detailed.  So loving.  So kind.  So perfect for each one of us.  So divine our hearts and minds cannot fathom.  And I can trust in this.  That you know better than I do.

Let us not be deceived O Father in Heaven, let us turn to your word for guidance.  Because Satan disguises Himself as an angel of light.  He will find ways to deceive us!  We must be on our guard.  We are in a WAR.  And we know how to fight.  With the Armor of God.  And my Armor tonight was the BELT OF TRUTH.  It defeats every lie.  Every smirk ridden disgusting lie. Satan is titled the Father of Lies.  And I have become acquainted with people who allow Satan to work so powerfully through them.  But I am a daughter of many generations dating back to the Revolutionary War of WARRIORS.  And if there is anything I would describe myself as, it is a WARRIOR.  I know how to fight, but to fight well, you fight with the word of God passionately on your lips and resonating in your heart.

I am a warrior of Christ and I beckon you to join His ranks and fight well with the Word of God, given in love and truth.  But, to some who could care nothing of the Truth, with the boldest truth.

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