Deeper trust

You know I used to be called a little bit crazy for how I would openly trust Jesus and pray and rejoice over answers to prayer.  I know something has been depleted in me over the past two years, a little bit of doubt and hardship can move us further away from the direction we were headed…but I sense that God is doing a deep work in my heart right now to move to a deeper place of trust.  I want this.  I need this.  And truth be told, I think I am ready to be called crazy once again for my faith in Christ.  It needs to be bold.  It needs to be strong.  It needs to be rooted.  It needs to be secure.  Nothing can shake it.

I still feel it there.  But, my brain is so full of to-dos most of the time, I long to reach deeper into the sacred spot where my heart and mind trust TOGETHER.

I love that God writes my book for me in my head and heart while I go through my day.  In a way, it is as if He never stops telling a story.  But, don’t we know that is who God is?  The most wonderful story teller?  I love stories. I love hearing them.  I love telling them.  On a most basic level, our hearts never grow up too much to stop loving stories.

I feel right now as if there is so much stirring.  Deep in the crevices of my heart, it is like something is about to explode.  I am about to give life to a book.  As I write, I think about the book I want to read on the shelf.  What does God want to say about this topic of healing to all of us?  Isn’t this what He desires for us more than anything else?  Proper healing leads to proper restoration and growth and unity and all things are possible when we live close to God.

I shall move on to writing my book about healing.  I have an idea that progress is about to be made.  Real progress.  At the heart of the human soul we want to know we are making progress.  Progress takes work and it is the work of a heart surgeon…which is what we are when we speak of the heart, issues of the heart, and healing of the heart.  What an impossible task?  The heart is beyond understanding!  But, my attempt is prompted by love and with a goal in mind for myself and all of us…let us heal in places that don’t seem to want to scar.  Scar we may, and scar I hope to achieve, but our scars are still beautiful to Him.  I think because He did the work of healing in our hearts and He is everything beautiful.

Let us begin the process of healing.  Amen.  To God be the Glory!!!

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