My heart is full of thanks to the Lord for the great things He hath done in our hearts and home 🙂 It has been a bit of an adjustment coming to a particularly snowy winter here in Kansas from the desert 🙂  We LOVED seeing the fresh snow and playing in it though…well, most […]

Tinklepaugh Family update :-)

So, anyone wondering whether the sweet woman at the pool came to PWOC?  She did!  Despite her faith background…which was strongly opposed to Christ…she came…and was really loved by everyone…it was so wonderful to see the Lord love her and accept her amongst our group.  She mentioned to me that we “really were a sweet […]

Embarking on a pilgrimage….

As we embark on our pilgrimage to Canada–a long trip there, a beautiful, pristine 2 weeks basking in God’s creation and with people we so dearly love and who so dearly love us…and then a long trip back…we are praying God’s grace over each step of our journey.  God has told us to go from […]

Selling Our Car!!!

We are attempting to sell our car….Scoobydoo has got to go…and we are hoping someone will buy it.  It has been such a faithful car.  Would you know that it has never broken down on me?  No parts have ever broken (on their own)….nothing has ever caused me trouble with it….except once when I ran […]